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Fishing waters Helpt elkander. Fishing club Helpt Elkander has a number of beautiful fishing waters. These are partly owned and partly leased. Most waters can only be fished by anglers affiliated with HSV Helpt Elkander. An exception to this is the Geldersche Kolk on the Geldersedijk in Hattem, on the border of the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland. This water has been included in the joint list of Dutch fishing waters. It concerns the following waters: 1.The Waa in Hattem 2.The Wiessenbergerkolk in Hattem 3.De Koelucht 1 and 2 in Zalk 4.The Geldersche Kolk in Hattem 5.The locks near the Rademakershoeve in Hattem Rules for fishing in fishing water of the association 1. Due to regular nuisance, it is strictly forbidden in all waters of the association to fish after 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour before sunrise (so-called night fishing). 2. Fishing is allowed with a maximum of two regular rods or 1 special rod, provided that the required certificates are provided and unless stated otherwise. 3. The use of camping equipment on the areas where the association has the right to walk is expressly prohibited. Umbrellas, fish shelters and the like are not included. 4. The use of all facilities of the association is at your own risk. 5. The closed times for fishing and bait species are respected by the association. The rules can be found here: Closed times for fish species and bait species ( 6. You must be in possession (and be able to show this immediately on request) of a valid and fully completed proof of membership, or a valid Vispas or the legally required documents and additions. 7.The conditions with which (including type and number of rods) and where you can fish can be found here: VISpas | Laws and regulations | 8. The inspection of these documents and of strict compliance with the legal and rules set by the association is also carried out by members who are in possession of an identification document of "Helpt Elkander" or of "East Netherlands". If necessary, they can request assistance from a legal supervisor (such as BOA or police officer). 9.The association adheres to the lead-free fishing policy. Details can be found here: Sportvisserij lead-free - Fish & water - Sportvisserij Nederland. 10. Important concepts regarding fishing, fishing gear and the like can be found here: Inland waters - Fisheries Act and regulations - Vispas - Sportvisserij Nederland 11. It is expected and obligatory that everyone adheres to the rules of good decency. This means, among other things, not causing nuisance, taking into account other users of the environment, leaving the fishing spot clean, in short: remembering everything that could damage the good name of the angling, association or athlete. 12.Special rod: With the exception of De Waa, fishing with the special rod in the above waters is allowed by association from 1 July to 1 March. 13. The use of dyes in bait or feed is not allowed in all waters mentioned here! 14. Activities other than fishing on and around the fishing waters listed are strictly prohibited. 15. In addition, the following applies, outside the national rules: Under penalty of expulsion and/or compensation: • To possess pike, eel, grass carp or carp. • To have more than 2 walleye. • To use means of transport to access the fields and yards where this is not specifically allowed. • Leave the gates open, take dogs with you, chase the cattle or disturb the peace. • Go off the existing and marked trails to the fishing area. • In short: things to do that could damage the name and/or the interests of “Helpt Each Other”. The member shall be deemed to have fished or to have fished without a license if he violates one or more of the conditions in this license or does not comply with the guidelines and regulations given. 16. You can find which fines apply here: Sportvisserij Nederland - Fine amounts sportfishing 2021 17. Fishing water specific rules are listed below per fishing water. 1.The Waa in Hattem Historically, the Waa (other name st.Anthoniswade) is a special fishing water! The town of Hattem arose on the banks of this water in the Middle Ages. Legend has it that the original place would have sunk into the water, so fishing is done here with due reverence… Pay attention! It is forbidden to keep and/or take carp caught here. Furthermore, it is expressly requested to take into account the fact that this fishing water is located in the vicinity of houses and the like and therefore not to cause any nuisance of any kind. Depth image of the water (Source: 2017 study on behalf of the East Netherlands federation) 2. The Wiessenbergerkolk, Kerkhofdijk in Hattem This water was formed in the Middle Ages by a major flood, during which the sand was washed out and a whirlpool remained. In view of its location in a nature reserve, it is requested that the flora and fauna be taken into account by sparing them as much as possible during the vulnerable periods. Pay attention! Outside the statutory periods, fishing is prohibited for this water in the period 1 March to 31 May! The use of boats is not allowed. Fishing is only allowed from the part of the bank that borders directly on the Kerkhofdijk. See sketch. 3.De Koelucht 1 and 2 in Zalk The Koeluchter holes consist of a former southern main arm and now closed off part of the IJssel (Koelucht 1 / de Hank) and an excavated sand island that in earlier centuries split the river into a northern and southern course (Koelucht 2). The soil reflects history: in the cool air 1 you will find fairly steep soil structures formed by clay. The depth varies from fairly shallow on the sides to about 13 meters in the middle of Koelucht 1. According to divers, there are also some objects there where you can lose your fishing gear very well (including two very large anchors and a sunken motorboat). The bottom of the Koelucht 2 is more sandy in nature. Cars must be parked in the area marked P. For those who have a (register) key for the gate at the end of the access road, the vehicle can be taken to the fishing spot at Koelucht 2. The key is only available to members by showing their proof of membership. TIP Hattem against payment of 25 euros. The key is strictly personal and may not be lent to other vehicle owners. The key comes with a key card that will be sent to you. You must place this key card clearly visible behind the windscreen of your car when you are at the fishing spot. For anglers who have their vehicle at the fishing spot, therefore, they must be able to show not only the mandatory documents, but also the key card and key of the gate when checking. A soil map is also available for Koelucht 1 through research on behalf of the East Netherlands Federation (see Water Soil Maps ( 4. Gelderland kolk This water was created in the same period and in the same way as the Wiessenbergerkolk. Pay attention: In addition to the general terms and conditions that apply to members, the following applies to this water in particular: - vehicles may not be taken to the fishing spot - it is forbidden to fish within 50 meters of the pumping station! - the use of iron rod supports and pins is prohibited - Groundbait should not be used - the work carried out by or on behalf of the water board may not be hindered - No digging, digging or the like is allowed on site. So also not setting up fishing spots without specific permission from the owner. In practical terms, due to ownership and accessibility restrictions, only a small portion of the water is currently accessible for fishing. That part is located approximately at the yellow part in the photo below. 5: Locks area Rademakershoeve This water is located between the habitation. Anglers should therefore observe the safety and privacy of the residents as much as possible when practicing their sport and keep inconvenience to a minimum.
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