CONTACT Verenigingsgebouw Kraaijenbergstraat 2-A 8051 XN HATTEM
Due to a major adjustment to the system of issuing membership certificates/Vispas, the system for registration and/or cancellation has been changed as of today. You can only register and cancel membership via the website of Sportvisserij Nederland (click here:!/?hsvid=256 or (registrations only!) via the sales point of the tourist information point in Hattem (Kerkhofstraat 2, 8051GG Hattem. Telephone 0384448298) You can also go to this point of sale for day and week permits for the waters of our association. For cancellations: this must be done before October 1 of each year. Existing members receive payment information for the coming year in the last quarter of the year. Members who issue an authorization to Sportvisserij Nederland for the collection of the contribution will receive a discount on the administration and processing costs to be charged. The rates for 2022 are set at the following amounts (excluding any administration and processing costs that can be charged by Sportvisserij Nederland): Information when which pass and/or permit is required can be found here: Fishing? Always take the VISpas with you! Order immediately! ( and here: Fishing with the JeugdVISpas ( For the free youth permit you can visit the following website (available from 2022):!/?documentid=20&hsvid=256 As of 2021, the East Netherlands Federation also offers a possibility for a weekly permit in waters in the East Netherlands. Please note: most of the waters of Helpt each other are not covered! This requires a license from the association. The angler can now easily order via a reservation system on their website: Payment is made via Mollie's secure payment environment and is now also possible from abroad. The federated weekly permit is primarily intended as a service product for people who want to start fishing and for tourists or holidaymakers who want to cast a line in the east of the Netherlands.
Vispas seniorlid (14 jaar en ouder)
Extra Vispas
Vispas Jeugd (<14 jaar)
Jeugdvergunning (<14 jaar, alleen 1 gewone hengel)
Gratis via Federatie Oost Nederland
Korting seniorleden 14-17 jaar