CONTACT Verenigingsgebouw Kraaijenbergstraat 2-A 8051 XN HATTEM
Board announcements: 1: General meeting of members: If there are no restrictions, the next general members meeting is scheduled for Thursday 14 April. The start is scheduled for 19.30 at the location of the Ice Rink Hattem building. Any documents will be available on site before the start of the meeting. Due to the events of recent years, this meeting is deemed to serve as a replacement for the canceled meetings. The sitting board members are all deemed to be retiring and eligible for re-election, with the exception of Henk van Holst. Unfortunately, a replacement has not yet come forward. The temporary replacement for the treasurer has been found willing to fill this position for the coming period. We also hope to welcome a replacement for the vacant post of secretary. New and opposing candidates can report to the chairman up to a week before the meeting. 2. Key terrain Cool air. In connection with the problems identified around the entrance gate, it has been decided to make the regulations surrounding the entrance gate more stringent. Members (only these have permission to enter the site!) can obtain a registry key after registering at the TIP in Hattem. The costs are 20 euros per key for members who already have a previous key to the site (after presentation of ID/proof of membership and key) and 25 euros for members who do not have an old key. Also here after identification and presentation of proof of membership. Key owners receive a key card that must be placed visibly behind the windows of parked vehicles. The first issuance of the registry keys will take place (subject to corona) on Monday 4 April in the association building at Kraaijenbergstraat 2a in Hattem, from 7.30 pm to 4.30 pm. 8.30 pm “As it stands, the lock will be definitively changed as of May 1, 2022. Until then, the gate can still be opened with the old key. With regard to the obligation to place the green card visibly behind the car window, this obligation does not exist for demonstrable competition participants of officially requested competitions. Helps Elkander emphasizes that failure to comply with the rules during an inspection by a BOA (extraordinary investigative officer) can lead to (hefty) fines!” Further information can be obtained from Harry Tieke. Other announcements: